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March 26th, 2011

02:34 pm - Namasteezy Hubs offer……

A new threshold of understanding based in love and acceptance of the eternal spiritual potentials of humanity.

The center of hope for the new world, creation and the promise of caring, Bodhicitta of the old world, from our ancestors.

 Join, learn, understand!

If you are here, at this page, it has been seen by someone in the Namasteezy circles that you are separating from the judgmental, divisionary mindset created by corporations, government and religion; that your heart and mind are open to new and different sharing that is functional for all of our futures.

The basic idea is that ancient disciplines such as yoga and the peoples that conceived of it originally have a deep spiritual base. Many from those areas of our society are looking for ways to interface with the vitality of appreciation for truth that does exist throughout our society. Also, there is a deep spirituality amongst new counter cultures of music generally and the hip hop scene that embrace and support ancient spiritual ways with intense verbality and compulsions to share meaningfully.

Ancient spiritual masters agree, “Love without Action Is Cowardice”

So, YOGA and CULTURAL PROMOTIONS may find away to bridge spiritually through what we share first in nature through hiking, then through music and musical events. And through tea tastings. Tea is sourced from small farms who protect the planet with rain forest reforestation farming methods.

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March 13th, 2011

12:48 am - Tempe Arizona yoga massage space w ex... - Jivamukti Yoga - tribe.net
Namaspirit Activity update: Arizona Yoga
Update posted here -

Namaspirit has been producing yoga sessions to raise awareness about the connection between health and sustainability, and the forest garden foods that we all love as super....

By producing yoga meet ups near the ASU campus in Tempe, we can interact with students on a donation basis that also supports the mom and pop food joints that want to get involved in the sustainable food sourcing movement that provides organic foods to the yoga crowds and others.

Each session has special guests or additional happenings like tea tasting, mantra chanting, qi gong, and massage chairs by the SevaHeart Healing Space.

We aim to establish meet ups that allow for more than focus on just body movement, but rather, invite open discussion about global issues and solutions by people doing good things....

Did you know?

The Machu Education Fund
Many of the environmental changes taking place on the Tibetan Plateau
are beyond the control of the Tibetan people. Some of these changes
are the result of the rapid growth of China’s industry, and some of
them are the result of global climate change.
The first step to reversing these harmful environmental changes is
education. That is why the Joru Foundation seeks to educate a future
generation of Tibetans who will one day become stewards of the
environment, and protectors of the environmental jewels of Tibet. Help
us realize this vision by donating to the Machu Education Fund which
will serve to fund the education of both instructors and students
about the current environmental situation in Tibet, China, and the
world. Through education, the future generation of Tibetans will gain
the knowledge and develop the tools they need to protect the Machu
River and the other environmental treasures of Tibet.

Sustainability = Interdependence.

Namasteezy is tea drunk for the people!
Most hip hop people will not crosspost things like dharma into there websites. If hip hop is just a disfunctional party crowd we won't love, it would become too much like rap and we can't have that.

Just because you hip hop doesn;t mean you do not have compassion for all sentient beings....

For more information check out:

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November 5th, 2008

04:04 pm - This online label blog is Under construction.
We welcome your comments and invite you to read through the impressions we left here. As Social Media evolves, it doesn't matter where you leave impressions, everything weaves. We will be adjusting and updating our online shrines over the next few weeks. We will warp and weft our various blogs and online promo efforts into a whole new experience to better serve our/your subcultures and practices, purposes and visions. Visit us, add a friend and interact in online groups where we can grow new awareness of each other and establish meaningful discussions. Are you tribal for real?

Sitemap: http://namasteezyspirit.wordpress.com/matrix-of-the-namaspirit-sitemap/
Online groups we create to support your own missions and events and projects can be found at tribe:
Go To: people.tribe.net/smugglingfansacrosstheborder/blog/ccb4a1ad-0b52-40f6-b568-04826da65ff2

Talent feature: The Functionist Functionist is a club and radio DJ, music producer and remixer. He is the mastermind behind the legendary daily (Mon - Fri) mixshow FM4 Unlimited. His music productions include work with Aceyalone, The Visionaries or Public Enemy. The DJ The Functionist musical universe is defined by Funk. Funk in all modern variations. Originally coming from Hip Hop he plays Electro, Breaks, Soul, Dub, even Jazz and Rock, everything mixed with a Hip Hop approach. His claim is to create a unique, live musical mixture. Clubs in Austria, Germany, Switzerland and beyond (UK, US, Canada) have welcomed Functionist's DJ services. He started as a teenager DJing for the BMX/Skateboardscene, then performed with his Hip Hop band Compact Phunktion and with the birth of a young Austrian Hip Hop scene he made first contact with radio in 1992. The Radiohead Radio is the media for Functionist's creative output, whether as a young radio pirate or later with FM4 where he presents the weekly Hip Hop show Tribe Vibes since 1995. In Summer 2005 his brainchild the daily mixshow Summerbreaks is realised. The successful show is soon renamed to Unlimited and installed as a daily programme. From 2 to 3 PM Functionist & Beware combine all musical styles, classics, new releases as well as exclusives remixes they produce themselves. Guests include (among others) Justice, Hot Chip, Ben Mono, J-Star, Stereo MCs, Nickodemus, Kid Fresh, Missill. If he's not on air he takes care of the production department, the sound design and realises special broadcast events. The Producer His remix for Hip Hop icons Public Enemy on their album Revolverlution brought Functionist worldwide attention as a music producer. He finally gets to know the band with frontman Chuck D that put him on his musical path in the late 80s. For several months he travelled the US and Canada and recorded with artists like The Visionairies, Aceyalone, Hines Buchanan, Specifics, Toni Blackman and many more. Remixes and productions with Mani Obeya (Sofa Surfers), Toxic Lounge or Texta as well as compositions and sound designs for international TV stations or the opening of the Vienna music festival in 2004 prove Functionist's musical diversity.

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August 4th, 2007

06:54 pm - Twin Tower Deception and Demolition I

Twin Tower Deception and Demolition I
"Twin Tower Deception and Demolition I" on Google Video

Have you been ignoring 911 truth efforts or even these blogs to create awareness that is so important to our lives....

Introspective feelings could lead you to examine your inner conflicts and fears with the goal of greater self-awareness. As you unravel the mysteries of your inner world, you may recognize patterns that could have you feeling insightful. This feeling can be a rewarding one that encourages you to continue on this introspective journey. As you clear away the confusion of unexamined emotional and spiritual debris from your inside world, your understanding of events in the outer world will gain more clarity as well. Your willingness to face old emotional obstacles gives you greater strength and focus for living life fully.

If you doubt, there is your reasonable and feasible explanation for these profound and uniques factors of 9-11 at the WTC?

free fall
total pulverization
superfine, heated particulate
smooth, square cut column ends, x the 1,000's
heavy steel assemblies heaved hundreds of feet

Or would you rather people just forget about those things and think about elevators?

Twin Tower Deception and Demolition begins to expose with forensic evidence the deception surrounding the design and construction of the Twin Towers. The towers did not have 47 steel core columns in the core. The core was a steel reinforced cast concrete tube. The producers information comes from a missing video documentary produced by PBS in 1987 and broadcast on cable in 1990 called "The Engineering and Construction of the Twin Towers. It provides the only logical explanations in existence which are realistic, feasible and credible for; free fall, total pulverization, superfine heated concrete particulate, smooth, square cut column ends and the heaving of heavy steel assemblies for hundreds of feet; that are on the web.
In 2 parts it has a total length of about 16 minutes. Produced by Christopher A. Brown in July of 2007

Catch up with the interdependent research at the break for news forums...


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June 7th, 2007

02:46 pm - Stolen Land Of The Coastal Samala People, This entry present PART THREE

Herbert Marshall McLuhan, always the man of the moment, is perhaps most remembered for his statement made in the 1960’s that “the medium is the message.”

The seed of that statement contains the kernel of truth for all mediums and messages, revealing the yin/yang nature and relationship of both.

But that kernel did not sprout until the birth and subsequent development of what has now come to be known as “Namaspirit.” The message of Namaspirt, seemly so disparate and contradictory at times, is none other than the ever-present, spoken, song or silent, expression of the essential medium of all experience - - the human heart.

There is no path to perfection other than the perfection or completion of our own beings; and inevitably this will involve sincere or pure expression of body, speech or mind. The secret of that purity, that total, unmixed, unadulterated, and ultimately undifferentiated (in truth) expression, is that although it must, of necessity, arise from and traverse the path of all our idiosyncrasies, differences, and infinitely seemingly separate experiences - - it is only perfected in the moment in which all the distinctions disappear into and evolve out of the equanimity of the eternal, ever present and unperturbed penetrating moment of heart/mind livingness from and through which all of us are protected by the never ending shower of blessings.

It is the expression of that eternal and complete moment, the endlessly recurring marriage of the birth and completion of all experience that we here at Namaspirit are seeking, through truth process and spirituality.

How can one be concerned about spirituality and not be fully aware of the native americans? How could we live in America and not honor them, and have respect for their point of views and even their nonviews. We have so much to learn from them.

Further thoughts:

Other quotes by Marshall McLuhan:

“The story of modern America begins with the discovery of the white man by
The Native Americans.” [Give this, and the following, some thought in the context of 911 truth, subculture, censorship, the colonization of yoga, and corporate deceit]

“With telephone and TV it is not so much the message as the sender that is

“Money is the poor man’s credit card.”

“We look at the present through a rear-view mirror. We march backwards into
the future.”

“You mean my whole fallacy’s wrong?”

Stolen Land, PART THREE
"Stolen Land, PART THREE" on Google Video

We at Namaspirit are happy to present Part Three of a documentary about the frauds of colonization in Southern California in the territory of the Coastal Samala people (Santa Barbara), recently called the Chumash. Please notice it had to load in part, and that you watch it from the beginning once you follow the links back to the video source. The story extends in time from the Mexican war and land grants denied through fraud associated with the treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo to 1971 and fraud conducted by associates of a non profit religious corporation called "The Brotherhood of the Sun" which took land granted by Mexico to a Samala family and included a traditional hunt camp on the summit of the coastal mountains. The sound track is from the CD "Sacred Spirit", Chants and Dances of the Native Americans, an album produced by the Native American Rights Fund. Written, produced and narrated by Christopher A. Brown in April of 2,007.

Watch the entire documentary! Visit the homepage to the project to get more info into view and don't miss the video links below.

Look for updates on projects like the stolen land documetary and others here:

But for those who don't like to explore and take it slower...




Make sure you top through the website as well, there you can find amazing photos and be guided through time, into a moment when......."The beacon gleamed from the summit of the coastal mountains across the Santa Barbara Channel to large canoes".


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Khenpo Paljor Gyatso Rinpoche has recently arrived from Tibet. A prominent Lama from the Kathok lineage of the Nyingmapa school of Tibetan Buddhism, he was born in Amdo, Tibet to a family of accomplished Dzogchen practitioners. Recognized early as a reincarnate of a special Lama from a nearby monastery, he entered monastic life at the age of 9 under the guidance of his spiritual teacher, Choktrul Kadag Rinpoche. Admitted to Larung Tarig College at Serta Monastery at the age of 16, he studied with many great Masters such as his root Guru, Khenchen Jigme Phuntsok. There, he contemplated grammar, poetry, and many texts of Sutra and Tantra. Additionally, he received many empowerments, reading transmissions and profound oral instructions including the entire Dzogchen transmission. At the young age of 25, Rinpoche received the title of Khenchen and distinguished himself as one of the most excellent students among the 9000 students at Sertha. As a teacher, he is known for his wisdom, warmth and humor.

Khenpo has a new website for his homeland project.

Please visit:

He has some video up on that website- Spiritual and tibetan language Teachings.

The website and effort is spear-headed by Yogini Special K.

What do you feel about and know about the Six Bardos (Intermediate States): What are some ways you are Living and Dying with Compassion?

Impermanence is one of the Buddha’s Four Noble Truths, and is the truth that human beings struggle with most. A unique and significant aspect of Tibetan Buddhist teachings are those on the Bardo – the intermediate states. There are bardos of dreaming and meditative states, as well as bardos after death and before rebirth. By studying the Six Bardos, we learn to live our lives with inner peace and wise compassion, for the benefit of self and all other sentient beings. We can learn how to assist others during the death process, and when we die, we have the opportunity to encounter our own Buddha Nature (Clear Light), and attain enlightenment for the benefit of all sentient beings.

We here at Namasteezy have spent years working on projects that can be more than just a party. We have worked hard to create and share in real culture, and like the Chumash were a matriarchal society, meaning their lineage was traced from the mother's side of the family, we aim to serve the wisdom, the yin side or the spirituality that women are. Meaning that we promote the man women combo as sacred, and our arts are about the sacred subject object union. We look for the art in everything, we seek to bridge and connect, we network and build with a mind that serves the heart, rather than a heart that serves the mind. Spirituality is not all about being nice, so we aim for the truth process rather than the pleasure seeking. We are about the verbs, rather than the nouns, and we can become hard to understand because this is how we do things. The Chumash were also considered to be the keepers of the Western Gate, and took this responsibility very seriously. In these days and times, as people who have lived many many past lives, we continue to live as weavers, and weave together the various practices and ways of happening that have carried us forward. We see progress as working interdependently, see God happen through this one and that one. But many people these days down play the importance of form, and they forget that spirituality is quintessential sincerity clothed in the robe of human experience, crowned with the hope of all who cry out for justice and a future of interdependent existence - - where not only every being, but every experience, thought, sound, touch, taste, and consciousness itself is seen as wonderfully interdependent - - and treated with the care and dignity which should be afforded to each and every infinite manifestation of life; formed or formless.

This is why Namaspirit has not become victims of spiritual materialism and corporate deceit. We are able to be american without getting caught up in the roles and mind control. Rather, we control our minds as Awakeners, honoring the yogis and monks and native americans, as well as the Brand Nubians and old Jazz Activists.

We are happy to alert you about Khenpo Paljor Gyatso Rinpoche, consciousness (awareness) must be shared to come into being. Him and his brothers and sisters from another mother, their students and friends and family keep the Ancient Dharma alive. From the Beastie Boys and their Free Tibet efforts to the Namasteezy Music Mail Order, we are here to serve, to pray, and to create new focus, to analyze and we are here to prioritize. We can still assemble and speak freely. The true value of free speech will be found if we focus with unconditional love upon our children's futures. Having the right to assemble and speak we can develop the forgiveness, tolerance, acceptance, respect, trust, friendship and love, to protect life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

If we are civilized, and allow it, reason will prevail. The purpose of communication will be respected by all reasonable people for the very best it can be, an action protecting life. Attitude controls perception. An education into the events that have led us to this place in time, with our loss of control over our government, is imperative to our unity. Namaspirit presents such edutainment, and we cherish our one-on-one contact with you, and we hope you enjoy many visits that inspire you to collect some of our titles and catch some of our artists and teachers at a concert, festival or workshop. Our "Fiber Arts For Freedom" tour brings some of those diverse mediums together in unique yoga/music art show and/or workshop, spreading opportunities to gather, share, learn and unify across North America.

We invite you to join our mailing list for periodic updates on tours and new recordings.
Mailing List: namaspirit.myplaxo.com/

You can even host a teaching or Music Performance by inviting one or more of our teachers or artists into the comfort of your own home; it's easy - Just contact the Yoga Studio.
Bonsai Yoga Studio: web.mac.com/mediumisthemessage/YogawithAndrea/Bonsai.html
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April 14th, 2007

09:30 am - 10 in view, here we go! #10
This is the tenth of some music reviews that we have been doing ova at Namaspirit, in support of real culture and Namasteezy Records....

We have been weaving and weaving in the reviews, differentiating the corporate from the true indy and also sharing a little of the old and new and east and west. This time, it looks like we have two records that are not both on the Namaplay list! 

The super fresh one is the....... "Its the K the I the D


Cold chillin'

The other one is a 12 inch by some corporate label featuring a dude named Andre, but not the show biz rocker.

Lets check the capri  record, which one it is? Ofcourse the tape master would feature the Biz Markie on his album! You know that one from back in the day, the one that made him big!

Wow, here we are outside of time. We have an Andre album on the left and a Kid capri on the right....

Wow.... Internity, different styles of sound coming from a true lifestyle and the other a blending of corporate agenda and culture that it has no part in.....

Double bad indamix? Lets get beyond good and bad and look for the right action, the right truth process....

Now we don't have to turn a party out. Kid Capri did that for us..... All we gotta do is re-define real culture as people who understand their needs....

We can blend both them records and their time to turn a backwards country out..... To remove some fear and doubt.

Did Capri turn toward the clubs to get away from the ghetto? Did I million biters turn toward Capri so we can end up with stacks of one time wonders called "Andre"? Hip Hop has a spiritual edge, they weren't exactly reaching for capoeira in their music back in the day but they sure didn't play that corporate crap the way clubs do these days....

What if Capri had played an Namasteezy record way back then album? Do you think it would have brought hip hop closer to the Capoeira spirit?

 Capoeira (IPA[ka.pu.ˈej.ɾɐ]) is an Afro-Brazilian art form that ritualizes movement from martial artsgames, and dance. It was brought to Brazil from Angola some time after the 16th century in the regions known as BahiaPernambucoRio de JaneiroMinas Gerais, and São Paulo. Participants form a roda or circle and take turns either playing musical instruments (such as the Berimbau), singing, or ritually sparring in pairs in the center of the circle. The game is marked by fluid acrobatic play, feints, and extensive use of sweeps,kicks, and headbutts. Less frequently used techniques include elbow-strikes, slapspunches, and body throws. Its origins and purpose are a matter of heated debate, with the spectrum of argument ranging from views of Capoeira as a uniquely Brazilian folk dance to claims that it is a battle-ready fighting form directly descended from ancient African techniques.

Man, was Capri a guy who was influenced by the fat boys? Or were they influenced by him? Andre wasn't really in the know of either and decided to call his music hip hop, oh my God!

Speaking of the Fat Boys, I found one of the records by one of those guys who wanted to come out later, with a love song ghetto thing.... It never made my playlist even before we understood healing with whole foods. But I would play it today at an art show just to be funny, and to see if people are really listening to the set.

Man, I should have went to a capri show! Did you ever go to one? I bet he had some super cool special guests.

Anyhow, at the time, capri and others came out with what seems to be music made in spirituality and awareness. And I think some sincerity.

But it often gets lost. And over time, kids cling to images and do not re-create the unity and spirituality that fueled the earlier efforts by the ancient ones.

Or without deeper spirituality, the message of the ancients gets forgotten, or tucked away or killed.

Sometimes we need it later on, we need to bring it into view, to show what was. And how things have been distorted. "We are fast approaching the stage of the ultimate inversion: the stage where the government is free to do anything it pleases, while the citizens may act only by permission; which is the stage of the darkest periods of human history, the stage of rule by brute force.- Ayn Rand"

It doesn't mean we want it to became that again or that we are stuck in a lost love.

It means we know what culture is and its place on earth.

What happens when one culture dominates and starts to power grasp? We can see, it becomes another kind of lost culture, because it too gets watered down in the search for power and money.

So you often hear people say they hate hip hop cuz they haven't heard anything that moves them. Are they looking toward the sikh? Or skateboarding? Or new generations of talent which don't have distribution? Are they staying tuned into the tone of truth? Do they have right views? Are they lazy? Or in it just for a party? Staying in touch with Hip Hop is hard work.

As the capri record plays, we hit his song with purpose, talking about some wierd shit which people do not usually want to focus on. Here we see that the true artists usually can deal with difficult truths and have something to say about them. Why are so many people in hip hop culture turning away from the spiritual aspects of the speaking out which this art is? So much entertainment has been bombarded into them, that when a time of war comes, they become afraid, want to fit in and loose track of what is actually happening on the physical plane.

Let's turn our backs on some of the corporate wack, and not each other..... Did you ever hear that song cadence of Raw Produce did about the wack mc? Its amazing, look for it, it will play for free, look for him in our top friends on the Namasteezy label project promo pages...

Is it wack to want to talk about what's really going on? And not just talk about it, but take and give action, with a message? I say, I am happy to have found these records, they becomes part of the missing knowledge which we need to understand where we have been. And what we need to do!

Capri was saying, "Hangm high"

Who the fuck you think these bboys from our past are talking about? The people like me who were the first to listen and love them? NO, they are telling us to hang high those behind the corporate deceit!

Vinyl? What are you into listening to that is on vinyl? Get off the ipod and back into ourspace.... Where we can network and build! Destroy the fear state!

And by the way.... The Algoxy crew made a new page for the "What is Disinfo?" series for the fake plans.

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09:14 am - Round 9 Music in View
Came across a white label...

What the fuck are these people doing?

A scam, as if the music is not out or a scam pressing..... Music that is out that shouldn't be?


The song will never be heard or played by Namasteezy, it sucked. I can't even talk about it.

I will ask the girl at the coffee house if she has a record player, and if she will do a trade it for a coffee.

Cuz I don't want it around.

Maybe she will like it.

The nazi don't even want turn tables in the coffee houses, so some of the last female djs who are not on crack have coffee house jobs, some good people. Too good, She won't want this record.

Maybe on the way to coffee, someone will ask me about it...

Hey, "Why do you have a record?"

I know of a wack club down the way that has djs which play this stuff. I'll make like shorty and go down there for an hour, on the way to the bookstore.

I bet I can let go if it there, and a few other ones in the get rid of these quick stack.

We have too much important music to talk about.

But let me grab one more out of the stack to see what happens....

Here is one which has a funny logo...

Sometimes, these gangster image types make the funniest love songs.

Here are some guys called Sugar ill, on some stank lingo.

They too are hating on the corporate guys.

So I played the beats and found the music kind of funny. Are these corporate guys acting like they hate corporate guys?

Maybe they used to breakdance and really saved up for vynal. I will get rid of it, as a fair sale kind of thing....

There are people who will like this.

Maybe I can give them that and one they never heard of to wake them up to something new.

I got two copies of Poety Society. But they are not as enjoyable as that group Raw Produce was working with called Zimbabwe Legit. But something representing the same sound, same cultural awareness. I say poet society and sugar ill need to end up in the same hands.

If the sugar ill guys could awaken that spiritual edge, their efforts to battle corporate music would go further.

As far as the poets go, ever since the corporate catastrophe, we have been hearing as much from them.

You have to really look hard for the art.


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April 11th, 2007

Look for 6 down below.

I don't know what its posting out of order......

Gotta move forward.

Round Seven, here we go!

I found a sound on some J record called Shells.

The instrumental has some drums and a 70's movie track loop which makes me laugh.

I might slip this into the yoga class session to see if people laugh or what.

Sometimes the Yoga sessions are more like formless movement sessions, sometimes we keep form....

But sometimes what we are not used to can stimulate new directions of feeling and thought, so, I the corporate guys had to listen to something, if I did...

I'd listen to this J record instrumental.... Or this harlem lullaby by Mase instrumental. They remind me of when I went to Florida for the winter music conference.

They have a twang of something which must have been influenced by five minutes of funk, I mean the beat producer must have that within....

Getting all these records into the laptop is next.

Then I can start to send snippets and tracks to people that match the message or stimulate something within.... So its not just da da dash......

How many emails will we get out this week? Can we aim for five thousand?

The new website is on the way, pretty much ready. So, that and the myspace which you can check out already...

Snippets and commentary

Sent from my BlackBerry wireless handheld.

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April 10th, 2007

10:04 pm - Round 5
After so many rounds, I have been curious about the subcultures I have given my heart to so long. In the face of these corporations, their stacks and stacks of manifestations... It would seem more unity would be noticed, more ability and awareness shared...

However, where would they learn such things and from who?
Although they are representing awareness that what we do not see or hear in what the corporations give us.. How aware could they be, not not recognize each others purposes?

What is more wierd, is how these corporate artists should also have more sense, or see that not all of them actaully get anywhere, they too might leap back and see something. But how could they? They want to know and after having a taste of knower life, how could they turn toward the "only don't know" mind? If they had that, in the first place, they would be manifesting more conscious and community empowering music.

Here is one guy named "Grafh"... I don't know one Graph artist who would listen to such things. You would think more people within reach of the so called conscious cultures would like the fact that I could be giving energy to them. But when you call these people up, they often act like I am GRAFH himself. I tell them, I did not make that record. You got me confused, I am not that team. I think he might be a nice guy who has a wife that works high up in the label that put him out, but he doesn't care he says. However, I do!

So what happens when people like you and me go to the local skateboard shops and hip hop stores? They treat us like we are Grafh. Because he put his record out, people can't seem to care about anything now.

I don't think his demon record is good to spread around. It must be bad for the mind.

I think maybe, people should listen to Cosiner instrumentals first.

They will enjoy the moody jazz and it won't poison their minds.

They should care more.

Do you think the Goats care? Do you care? Namasteezy cares. Caring is sharing.

It seems that people become more and more impersonal as they become more and more popular, or try to become more popular.

We are doing the other direction, we cause aversion because we do care and do want to share. However, we do not want to share or participate in the unawareness and insanity.

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