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Namaste' from Namasteezy


Namasteezy Records - Spiritual Activism
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Raising the awareness of people to the spiritual value of conscious music and the importance of artists and their journey.

Raising the awareness of people to the Unity of purpose in "independent music" and its reflection of daily life. And to eNcourage these "independents" to build more "interdependently".

Raising the awareness of people to the inner spiritual dimension of "getting involved" and sharing the journey with the artists who aim to find harmony with higher purpose through their music, for self and others.

Helping people to recognize the role of the corporate music ego-personality as a veil to spiritual unfoldment and how it influences people more than they realize.

To use the teaching and wisdom of spiritual music to create awareness during the journey of life.

To provide opportunities for young adults and teenagers to be exposed to the spiritual development of true artists.

To encourage us all to step out of the roles of "this style of music or that" -- enough build solutions as producers who love all styles. And to see how we are longing to happen fully and truly and that the subject object union of listeners and artists is encompassing universal truth.

To generate mail order as an expanding collective of supporting and understanding music lovers who can see the purpose. To keep up with what is in stock visit: http://web.mac.com/mediumisthemessage We stock from many sources including: www.independentdistro.com They move Independent Music Forward! We help by doing it "Interdependently".

Namasteezy Vision Statement


Namaste' from Namasteezy

Namasteezy consists of a small, but dedicated, team of organizers and
promoters who, through hands-on experience, manifest and augment
opportunities for artists, collectives, co-operatives, RECORD LABELS
and larger rally organizers and/or Spiritual Activists. We do this to not only
network, but to create, build and expand new or existing connections,
distribution channels and your current projects.

We serve as an ever arising and expanding foundation upon which
artists, collectives and/or promoters can involve to better come
together. We practice kind and professional actions of body, speech
and mind; and we aim to add value to your current process directly or

We exist to serve and enhance that energy which is, and "lives", all
of us. As such, our focus and interest is not limited to only
producing, distributing, and promoting the music we AND you offer, but
our energies and efforts extend out into and focus upon building the
community - - an endeavor we feel should not be defined or limited by
traditional concepts of attraction and aversion sustained by
professional and corporate roles. We believe in Hip Hop as a community
oriented "way of happening".

We are a team that believes that the depth of human endeavor can be
summarized in one word - - "service." We embrace all participants and
their functions, believing that in so doing we can engage and expand
our own and others' awareness - - Truth being a process that must be
lived through sharing, instead of an object that is to be coveted.

In this process of serving the truth, it is our sincere belief and
experience that the struggle for independence is illusory, founded
upon the false premise of dualistic dependent and independent thought
patterns. In truth, we are all interdependent, arising and subsiding
with and as each other.

We have found, therefore, that we are not independent of the efforts
of other hip hop artists and their elements of practice, but rather
make our efforts and resources available to all others who can feel
the love in our communication.

Serving artists does not come without sacrifice, but we aim for long
term relationships, hoping realize our dream that by the only true way
to "serve" one's self is to serve others.

When we view the generations before us, and their building of America,
we see that "getting there," was all the fun. What's left is the
cultural and artistic ashes of that endeavor. We want to build the
new continent, alive from within, never forgetting that all
conclusions are provisional, and as such are only working models.

The foundation we offer involves our participation in
annual/monthly/weekly musical gatherings and events that enrich
communities and the music industry with a broad spectrum of
participating musicians and their instruments. Outside of and beyond
the pale glow of the urban environment now serving as our base, we
offer A&R, label/project management, promotional, distribution and
journalistic solutions. These efforts serve to provide an inspiring
glimpse into the depths of the experiences and exposures that groups
and artists provide to all peoples of this planet in the name of
"Interdependent Hip Hop."


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